What is "Freeze Up"?

Often renters unfamiliar with hot-humid states like Florida will come to Siesta Key and try to enjoy both our Tropical Breezes and cool Air Conditioning at the same time! This is a serious NO NO!

(It might help if you think a minute how a refrigerator works. Your refrigerator will not get cold if you leave the door open all the time!). An Air Conditioned Condo Unit works exactly the same way; you cannot get it "cool" in your unit if you try to have the sliding glass doorwall open! (Or even a window or front door - even a little bit!). You must keep your rental unit closed up while the AC is running or risk "Freeze-up"

Freeze-up will occur if you run the AC with the windows/doors open for any extended period of time. The AC will never be able to remove all of the humidity because you have a window open that keeps bringing in more and more humidity, soon the "coils" on the air handler of your AC begin to freeze some of that excessive humidly. The more areas of the coil that get frozen, the more the airflow is blocked through the coil. In a few hours the entire coil (inside the AC) is a frozen ice block (believe it)! That frozen ice block will not let any air pass through so your AC stops blowing cool air and it gets HOT in your unit.

Now What?

Now you are going to be HOT for the next 24 hours or so. The system must be shut off and allowed to thaw out by itself, and this often takes a full 24 hours or more. It is not possible to speed up the thawing of the giant ice-block (that you have created inside the AC) as one could ruin the fragile fins of the AC coils and cause serious permanent expensive damage to the AC (for which you might be liable)!


Please save yourself (and your landlord) endless trouble and keep your unit closed up tight when you run the AC, or if you want to have the windows open all day, TURN OFF THE AC!