What is a Condominium (Condo) Resort?

Unlike a hotel or motel, every unit in a Condominium Resort is owned by an individual. The owner may chose to rent his/her unit themselves or sign a contract with an on-site (or off-site) rental Agency to rent it out for them. In all cases regardless of who rents it, the rentals must follow the "condo rules", individual owners are not free to make up their own rules.

It is important to understand the difference between a Hotel/Motel and a "Condominium Resort" because Siesta Key is 95% Condominium Resorts with almost no Hotels or Motels. Here are the important differences and what that means to you the potential renter!


Hotel/Motel: this is never an issue, you may book one night if you like, or a weekend.

Condo Resort: this is ALWAYS AN ISSUE. Condo Resorts vary in their minimum stays from 1 night, 3 nights, to 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months or more. The "minimum stay" is a legal agreement that the owner consents to when he/she buys the condo unit and is usually strictly enforced with fines for ignoring the rule.

Renters waste their time trying to find a Vacation Rental by looking at all the Condo Resorts as if they are all the same, they're NOT. Experienced renters know to shop only the Condo Resorts whose minimum stays agree with how long they want to stay.


You are in LUCK! This very website you are now on has a directory of every Rental Condo on Siesta Beach, including the minimum rental period (Color coded)! Minimum Stays


Hotel/Motel: will always have a Front Desk where you may call, email, or visit and make your reservation.

Condo Resorts:  Do not necessarly have Rental Offices with Front Desks. Many on Siesta Key do not have a Front Desk, or even a Rental Office. You make your reservation either directly through the owner of each individual unit, or with a 3rd party rental agency.


This also means that especially in the case where there is no on-site Rental Office, you are pretty much on your own during your stay. You should be sure you know "Who to Call" if you have a problem or need a repair, or get LOCKED OUT. (Which happens with amazing frequency)! Another reason to avoid booking through "Off-Shore"Rental Companies and only deal directly with Siesta Key Owners or their Agents