Siesta Key Beach Rentals

Siesta Public Beach!

Siesta Public Beach

Our world famous Siesta Beach is 99 percent pure quartz sand (COOL under your feet!)

FYI: locals refer to that white sandy beach by 2 different names; we call the northern half Siesta Beach and the southern half, Crescent Beach.

Siesta Beach looking North up by Siesta Village

Siesta Beach looking North

The road that starts at Siesta Public Beach and runs along Siesta Beach is "Beach Road"! (What a surprise)!

Along Beach Road there are 8 Public Access areas to Siesta Beach which include a limited number (10-20) parking spaces at each Public Access Area. The walking distance from Siesta Public Beach up to Siesta Village is about 1.5 miles. As the Access sites are all along Beach Road, the farther up (north) you get from the Public Beach, the closer you get to Siesta Village. The northern most access site is adjacent to the Village and fills quickly.  

Siesta Beach the Northern WINDY End

Windy Northern Siesta Beach

Sail Boaters and Kite Surfers tend to hang on at the Northern end of Siesta Beach (by Siesta Village) because it tends to have stronger winds.

Siesta Beach looking South (called Crescent Beach)!

Windy Northern Siesta Beach

Large Private Rental Homes on Siesta Beach North of the Public Beach

Private Rental Homes on Siesta Beach North

There are many privately owned Vacation Rental Homes directly on Siesta Beach. Advantages of these rentals are their privacy and size, one can find larger rentals with 3, 4, or more bedrooms for extended family vacations. Minimum rental periods vary with individual owners but most are weekly.

A key advantage of the Northern Siesta Beach area is its close proximity to Siesta Village!

There are 2 large Condo Resorts along Northern Siesta Beach:

(1 Month Minimum)

(2 Month Minimum)