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Turtle Beach!

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is Siesta Key's secluded romantic getaway at the far south end of Siesta Key. This beach is completely separate from the crowds and action up at Siesta Key Beach; it is far less commercial and much quieter. It is situated on a small public park that will take you back to "old time Florida" with it's Charcoal Grills, Picnic Tables, and Swings and Slides for the kids. Green Parrots chatter in the tropical trees, and a pub and 2 restaurants are steps away.

Turtle Beach (like Miami Beach), was completely restored in 2016 in a 20 million dollar project that added an immense amount of new sand to it. Turtle Beach is now over 200 ft wide and is much longer than Siesta Key Beach; one may walk south for many miles all the way past Steven King's home to the next barrier island Casey Key, and still farther down to the Casey Key Fish House (but that's a very long walk)!

Swimmers Enjoying the Deeper Water of Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Surfing

Turtle Beach is known for its Shelling, Fishing, and Surfing. Because of Siesta Key's shape, shells and shark's teeth tend to accumulate on it. Because Turtle Beach tends to get deeper close to shore, beach fishing is much better at Turtle Beach than Siesta Beach. (There is only 1 beach front condo rental complex at Turtle Beach that allows weekly rentals, it's "Fisherman's Cove", (that's an indication of how good the shore fishing is)! And when the storms roll in, all the Surfers flock to Turtle Beach.

Turtle Beach looking North

Turtle Beach looking North

If you're into Ocean Views, Turtle Beach cannot be beat. The only 2 direct Gulf front Condos there (Fisherman's Cove (1-week minimum rentals ) and Fisherman's Haven (2-week minimum rentals) both have about the best Ocean views to be found on Siesta Key. Why? Because they both are located very close to the ocean and directly parallel with it. In Fisherman's Cove, EVERY UNIT has a perfect direct view of the Gulf. In Fisherman's Haven, west facing units have great Gulf views!  

Since Turtle Beach is at the end of Siesta Key, the road and the traffic end at the Park entrance. Some visitors enjoy a Siesta Vacation by staying in the relaxed uncrowded atmosphere at Turtle Beach, augmented by a few short trips up to the famous white sandy Siesta Beach. (Siesta Beach is only about 10 minutes north and has a giant parking lot). Visitors may sample both beaches without ever leaving Siesta Key!

Fisherman's Cove Resort Condo with direct Gulf Views from every unit

Shape of Crescent Beach