Ocean (Gulf) Views?

Everyone wants their rental to have an Ocean View, but this is a subject to be very careful with. The term "Ocean View" means different things to different people. Here are some things to consider:

"Condominium X" is directly on the beautiful white sands of Siesta Beach. This means the entire condominium complex is located on a property on the beach - this does not mean the unit you are renting will have any view of the ocean! Make sure you see a picture of the "Ocean View" as seen from the inside of the exact unit you intend to rent! If the owner or rental agent of that unit cannot email you a picture of "Ocean View" from that unit, you should perhaps find a different unit to rent.

Direct Ocean View - what's that mean? Many (actually most) of the large Condo Resort buildings on Siesta Key are situated on an angle relative to the Ocean. In other words the building (and your view) may be at an angle to the beach, not looking directly straight out at it. Those views are still considered "direct views", even though you're seeing the ocean at an angle. Is this important to you? Another reason to look at a picture of the ocean taken directly from the inside of the unit that you intend to rent!

Partial Ocean View - what's that mean? Normally that will indicate the rental unit is on the side of the building, to see the ocean you must look sideways. If the side unit is close to the ocean end of the building, the partial view may be pretty good, especially if you can sit on the lanai (porch) and point your chair and look directly at the ocean. (These units with partial views can be great bargains because units that have direct - straight out full Ocean views will always cost more ($200 - $500 per week more) than units on the side of a building with partial views. On the other hand if the unit is one of the last units back from the Ocean (and also on the side of the building), you may have a very slight view, hardly worth it. Another reason to look at a picture of the ocean taken directly from the inside of the unit that you intend to rent!


On Siesta Key by Siesta Public Beach, there are a number of large Condo Resort complexes located directly across the street from the public beach. (Across Beach Road - the main thoroughfare in that area). Pictures taken from inside those rental Units can give the impression that the unit is directly on the beach, when actually it is across the main street from the beach! Note: these units have great views and can be good values as long as you realize they are not actually on the beach and you don't mind crossing a sometimes busy road!