How to find DEALS?

The best deals are Siesta Key rentals not located on the Beach, but often only a short walk away. These little known places are difficult to learn about as they typically do not have Rental Offices or even websites. Some of these units are available for as low as $3,500 per month in PEAK SEASON and less than half that the rest of the year. To learn about these value rentals:

How to find DEALS on Beachfront rentals?

DEAL STRATEGY #1 - The very best way to get a Deal is to wait until the last minute. If it is practical, you're very best strategy is to wait until a week before you want to vacation, and start searching for "By Owner" rentals. (Avoid Condo Rental Offices as they may not be allowed to discount, even last minute). You should be able to swing a substantial discount (20% - or more) if you are ready to pay in-full immediately.

DEAL STRATEGY #2 - Be flexible! Often owners will have vacancies that do not exactly match your dates, offer to take their dates if they offer you a discount! (Perhaps stay a night at the Airport Hotel where you arrive or depart in order to make your vacation stay match the owner's vacancy - if the owner makes it worth your while)!

DEAL STRATEGY #3 - Match the length of your stay to the minimum rental period of the specific Condo resort you are interested in. Virtually all Siesta key Resort Condos have established minimum rental periods. If you are looking for a month rental, look for resorts with a month minimum rental period.

DEAL STRATEGY #4 - Plan your trip to match the owner's "Start Day". Saturday is "turn-over" day on Siesta Key. Many owners try to make all their rentals Sat. to Sat. If you're vacation starts and ends on a Saturday, you are in a better bargaining position. (Sunday is the 2nd most popular turn-over day). Mid-week rentals are difficult for owners because they may end up using 2 weeks to fill your one week, (Weds. To Weds.), request. Often owners will never discount mid-week rentals, and some will never accept them choosing instead to gamble on getting a last minute SAT to SAT rental.   

DEAL STRATEGY #5 - Be aware that most Condo Rental Offices charge by the day. If the published price is $1,400 per week, and you want to rent for the full month of March, your price will be 4 x $1,400 PLUS another $600 for the 3 extra days of March. If you rent from a private owner, bargain to get those extra nights free.


Seeking to save money by looking for a 1-bedroom often isn't that helpful. For example if a 2-bedroom unit rents for $5,000 per month, renters often think a 1-bedroom unit will be only half as much, but the reality is, the 1-bedroom is likely to cost almost as much as the 2-bedroom.

Example: Here is the WEEKLY price for a popular Turtle Beach Resort Condo:

1 Bedroom / 1 Bath: $1,545 plus tax

2 Bedroom / 2 Bath: $1,645 plus tax - (Not a big difference)!


Expecting a LARGE DISCOUNT for multiple week rentals may be disappointing. Most Resorts have a standard discount for multiple weeks, approximately 10% for 4 weeks or 15% for longer periods.

A unit with a weekly (in season) price of $1,645 plus tax is $7,369

Discounted 10% = $6,632   ($737 savings) A good realistic discount.